Testimonial about Arthritis

Testimonial about Sciatica

Testimonial for Dr. Kong

Thank you so much for taking away my back pain and keeping me from having back surgery. You have truly been a life saver I can never thank you enough. I feel wonderful thank to you.

Barbara David
Testimonial for Dr. Kong

April 15, 2016

I was having sciatic pain for several months in my right leg and following my physical therapist’s advice to keep moving. This only made the situation worse. After two painful months, the sciatic pain suddenly moved to my left leg and I was unable to walk. The pain was 24/7 and excruciating, making it impossible to sleep at night. It was difficult even on crutches to move from the Lazy Boy chair where I was confined to the restroom. After ten days of this extreme inflammation that was not improving despite taking anti-inflammatories, I began treatment with Dr. Shan Kong. Over 17 sessions (going 2-3 times a week) I am now free of crutches and of pain. While there are acupuncturists in the town where I live, I prefer to travel to Ann Arbor, an hour and a half away, because l consider her the best healer for me. She is highly compassionate and of the highest skill level that I have found. I am walking pain-free today because of her care.

M.B. Pickett, Rochester, Michigan