Testimonial about Digestion

Testimonial about Digestion

First Testimonial

04/07/2008 Posted by hogstonc [1]


Dr. Kong is amazing. Traditional medicine was unable to diagnose my GI (gastrointestinal) troubles or provide any relief (other than major narcotics for pain control – nothing was helping the nausea and vomiting). Dr. Kong has done wonders for me. My GI problems are few and when they occur a trip to her and I feel better immediately. I now see her before Western doctors for treatment. She is a wonderful, caring person dedicated to her patients. I highly recommend her.

[1] See http://national.citysearch.com/profile/44181279/ann_arbor_mi/acupuncturists_shan_kong .html

Second Testimonial

October 11, 1999 Testimonial by Professor Ilia Dichev

About a year ago, I started losing weight and feeling weaker. Six months later I had lost 20 pounds. I felt weak, cold, and miserable all around. I literally could not go through a normal day, in the middle I had to lie down and rest. In addition, my chronic constipation had become a lot worse.

Third Testimonial

A patient who formerly suffered from Gastroparesis had a miraculous recovery after Dr. Kong treatment. For several agonizing long years, the patient lived on vegetable juices or even intravenous drip when violently ill. After a few months’ acupuncture by Dr. Kong, however, she regained complete health. In her letter to Dr. Kong, she gratefully enthused: “I’m able to eat anything I want now… I’ve been able to stop taking all the medication I was on. You are an excellent doctor, the very best I’ve ever had.”