Testimonial about Infertility

Testimonial about Infertility

Testimonial 1

Thank you so much for helping me and my husband to bring our little baby into the world. You are an amazing and compassionate and skilled doctor and I don’t think this would have been possible without you.

Testimonial 2

Thank you so much for your caring, compassion and kindness as I went through the IVF process. My first cycle was cancelled and my second cycle was not going well. My doctor from University of Michigan Hospital recommended I see acupuncturist Dr. Shan Kong. I did and immediately my cycle turned around for the better, more eggs started developing! I attribute the turn around to you… Again, you are a wonderful gifted doctor who really cares.

Higgins Tegan
Testimonial 3

When doctors told us we would never have children, we were confronted with a choice to make. Our fertility doctor offered the “traditional medical route” or we could try acupuncture with Dr. Kong. A few weeks later, I became pregnant! We were so glad things were able to happen in a natural, healthy way!”

C. Maynard, Ann Arbor, MI