Acupuncture For Stroke Recovery

Acupuncture For Stroke Recovery

Acupuncture therapy is very effective for stroke-caused conditions such as paralysis, speech, swallowing problems, depression and other symptoms following stroke.

How does acupuncture work for stroke sequelae?

Acupuncture improves blood flow and lessens inflammation at the site of the stroke and stimulates new nerve connections to allow the brain to “re-wire” itself.

The results of the meta-analysis are telling evidence that acupuncture has a positive effect on levels of disability; particularly improving activities of daily living, such as self-care and walking. The patients we see in our Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Center report that acupuncture improves the quality of life and mood, and also improved use of impaired limbs, speech, swallowing and other functions that are often impaired following stroke.

Course of treatment

The sooner you get acupuncture after stroke 1-2 weeks, the faster your stroke recovery will be. Acupuncture is done on a daily basis in China. We believe treatment 3 times a week is optimal even in the United States. There are 15 acupuncture sessions in one course of treatment. Chinese herbs work synergistically with acupuncture.

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