Acupuncture Treats and Reduces Risk of Alzheimers Dementia

Acupuncture Treats and Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s/ Dementia

Alzhimer’s/Dementia is most related a part of aging. Acupuncture helps preserve and promote our brainpower and hold on to a quick and sharp mind as we get older. Scientists are finding exciting new evidence of the brain’s tremendous capacity to repair itself. No matter how old you are, the brain can modify its structure, staving off age related decline. When one network of neurons dies, the brain can sprout brand-new connections and create another network.

How does acupuncture work for Alzheimer’s/Dementia?

Acupuncture treats and reduces risk of Alzheimer’s/Dementia by following ways. Our brain is a dynamic, adaptable system. Acupuncture can increase blood flow to our brain and stimulate nerve system and balance brain chemistry, therefore not only helping Neurogenesis to promote the brain’s ability to restore itself by generating new neurons, but also Neuroplasticity to increase the brain’s ability to keep its cells plastic, giving it the capacity to create and strengthen neural networks, rearranging old connections and laying down new ones. Flexible neurons allow us to master new skills, memorize, and adjust to unfamiliar environments.
Stress is a leading cause of mental deterioration as our age. When we are feeling stressed, our bodies produce the stress hormone Cortisol. If it’s in larger amounts, it becomes toxic and kills our brain cells, causing the mental haziness, forgetfulness, and confusion. Cortisol threatens our mental health more as our age because Cortisol actually rises as we grow older. Acupuncture is as vital for reducing our stress and preserving a youthful mind, maintaining memory and cognitive abilities by lowering our Cortisol which is proven by studies and clinical practices.

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